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Gastric Lavage Tube

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Product Description

Gastric Lavage Tube features a large diameter inserted through the mouth of the patient in the stomach for emergency suctioning and gastric lavage for emergent patients in the event of intoxication, e.g. took excessive medicines, poisons or inedible materials.


  • Kink-resistant Medical Grade Non-toxic PVC Tubing minimizes possibility of tube occlusion.
  • Frosted Surface features low resistance for speeding up the procedure reducing need for lubricant.
  • Radio opaque Line throughout the length of the tube helps confirm proper tube placement for x-ray visualization.
  • Thin, Semi-transparent Wall stiff enough facilities intubation.
  • Distal End Opening are smoothly contoured enables more comfortable for insertion.
  • 4 Large Lateral Eyes create free-flowing movement for effective drainage.
  • Color-coded Connector at Proximal End for instant identification of catheter size.
  • Universal Connecter is multi-fit to all suction devices and sources and for easy extension.
  • Graduated Marking at 46, 56, 66 & 76 cm from the tip for accurate placement.
  • Various Sizes from 20Fr. to 32Fr. in 120 cm long available perform gastric irrigating fluid delivery immediately.
  • Sterile, individual peel pouches prevent possibilities of contamination for ready to use.
  • Disposable, Single-patient use.
  • Available with mouth bite or not for procedures flexibility.

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