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Reinforced Anaesthesia Breathing Circuit

  • Telescopic Breathing Circuit
  • Reinforced  Anaesthesia Breathing Circuit
  • Catheter Mount-Flexible
  • Catheter Mount-Smoothbore
  • Catheter Mount-Corrugated
  • Anesthesia Circuit/Corrugated
  • Ventilator Circuit/Smoothbore
  • Coaxial circuit/ bain cuirt
Product Description


Jenston Medical Breathing Circuits are available with corrugated type, collapsible type, co-axial type and bi-lumen type. Whatever the types are, those circuits share common below features:

  • Light weight reduces torque on Endotracheal Tube etc.
  • High transparency for good visibility
  • Good tenacity and low compliance
  • Well designed tubing prevents collapse of tube
  • Available with different types of Wye connectors and elbows for temperature & pressure measuring, or gas monitoring, etc.


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